Caprikorn’s Saanen Goats

Did you know you can get some of Maryland's best award-winning Goat Cheese right at our West Frederick Market? Caprikorn Farms of Gapland, MD (on the Frederick/Washington County line) raises Saanen dairy goats---known as MEGA MILKERS in goat circles! Caprikorn Farms has been in the “goat” business for 30 years.

Caprikorn FarmCaprikorn Farm
Every week, for 10 months of the year, 3,500 lbs of milk from Alice Orzechowski and Scott Hoyman’s herd are made into cheese. Ten pounds of milk makes one pound of cheese. Caprikorn milks more than six dozen goats a day in the milking parlors of their 8.5 acre farm, where they are the only ones in the state making that type of Goat Cheese. If you miss them at our Market, you can also find their cheese at the Leesburg Farmers Market, Montgomery Village Farmers Market, MOMs and Common Market in Frederick, Whole Foods, Roots and co-ops in Washington, D.C.

The herd of 80 females and 10 adult males is fed on a special oats-barley-sunflower feed, and Caprikorn also sells their Saanens to other breeders as far away as Russia and Canada. “Our farm has the #1 Saanan dairy goat for 4 years in a row now,” in terms of milk production, Alice says with pride. Foodies and those with food allergies are some of the biggest fans of goat cheese, she says.

· Goat milk is more easily digested for lactose intolerance
· Goat milk has twice the calcium and 30% less cholesterol than cow’s milk
· Goat milk cheese melts without congealing, like mozzarella and provolone

Caprikorn FarmCaprikorn Farm

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